February 20, 2008

Rock and Reel - Episode Numero Uno

Welcome to the inaugural Rock and Reel podcast; the movies and music show!

Due to this being our first show, we wanted to make this a bit of a special episode, and we feature our top ten lists for movies of the year. The Oscars are coming!

However, we do manage to include a review of John Rambo, the film in which Sly Stallone attempts a one-two punch following Rocky Balboa for name-titled films resurrecting 80s pop idols. Does he hit another knock out, or does it die a bloody death?

After the top ten list, we follow it with a review of indie music sensation Bon Iver's explosive debut, For Emma, Forever Ago. Featuring the track "Skinny Love," be sure to see where we fall on this new critical darling.

0:00:00-0:03:35 Intro
0:03:35-0:10:55 Movie Review of the Week - John Rambo
0:10:55-0:55:40 Top Ten Movies of the Year Extravaganza
0:55:40-1:01:35 Music Review of the Weel - Bon Iver, "For Emma, Forever Ago" (feat. track "Skinny Love")
1:01:35-1:02:50 Closing.

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