March 19, 2008

Episode Four

When we last left our heroes, they were on a quest to find Nazi gold...

...okay, not really. But it is time for another dose of music and movie talk, and this week is a marathon of a show.

Starting out, we "Swede" our way through a review of the Jack Black/Mos Def comedy "Be Kind Rewind," which we advise you don't fast forward through.

That's followed by talk about the just-released new album by the punk band Be Your Own Pet, which is titled "Get Awkward." Somehow it sounds like the most normal thing we discuss in the show. You can also find the Be Your Own Pet track "The Kelly Affair" as part of this podcast.

More movie talk happens after that, with a review of the Will Ferrell sports comedy "Semi-Pro." We'll tell you if it's a slam dunk or an air ball.

Next up, we have a frank and almost scary discussion of the surprise Nine Inch Nails release, "Ghosts I-IV." The release of this record was unconventional and in some ways revolutionary, so if you don't know anything about it we're here to let you know. Or something like that.

Finally, we close the show with our first-ever ADVANCE movie review. Yes, we were lucky enough to see the Simon Pegg/Thandie Newton/Hank Azaria movie "Run, Fat Boy, Run" before it hit theatres, so you can find out if it'll be worth your time when it gets released or if it's just dead weight. As a small aside, the movie is the directorial debut of Mr. David Schwimmer, who you may remember from that TV show "Friends." Find out if we're friendly to his movie.

As for next week, though the in-podcast preview may be a little hazy as to what'll be covered, I'll tell you right here:
-Movie Review: The Bank Job
-ADVANCE Movie Review: My Blueberry Nights
-Album Review: She & Him - Volume One
-Classic Album Under Review: Neutral Milk Hotel - In the Aeroplane Under the Sea

That about sums it up. Sorry about all the puns in this podcast summary. I hope they're more enjoyable for you than they were painful for me to write.

0:00-2:02 Intro
2:02-16:03 Movie Review: "Be Kind Rewind"
16:03-26:14 Album Review: Be Your Own Pet - "Get Awkward" (feat. track "The Kelly Affair")
26:14-37:20 Movie Review: "Semi-Pro"
37:20-55:15 Album Review: Nine Inch Nails - "Ghosts I-IV"
55:15-1:01:35 Advance Movie Review: "Run, Fat Boy, Run"
1:01:35-1:02:38 Preview of next week/Closing

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