March 09, 2008

Rock and Reel - Episode 3

After a few technical errors and troubles in editing, this week's Rock and Reel episode is a little later than usual. Apologies for that, hopefully there won't be more issues of this nature in the future.

That said, this week on Rock and Reel, we've got plenty more music and movie discussion, as usual.

We start with a review of the film "Jumper," starring Hayden Christensen and Samuel L. Jackson.

That's followed by a hypothetical discussion about "Charlie Bartlett," and question exactly how the actual film and cast came together for the project. At the end of all that we also give a brief review of the movie.

Then there's some Radiohead talk. The band has set the first leg of its North American tour, but the second half of the North American dates are currently not announced, save for a couple dates. We talk about the potential for other spots the band will visit, including whether or not they will be doing Lollapalooza or not (note: this discussion took place before sources suggested the band would more than likely be playing Lollapalooza).

After that Kevin introduces his new segment called "Kevin's Horror Corner," where he talks about some "classic" (in some senses) scary movies. This week, it's the historically great film "Basket Case," about two formerly-conjoined brothers who kill people...but one of them is actually so tiny he lives inside a basket. Yes, it's that good.

Finally, this week's album pick is Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks with their record "Real Emotional Trash." You can hear the 6+ minute track "Baltimore" as part of this here podcast.

More to come next week, including reviews of "Be Kind Rewind," "Semi-Pro," and a sneak peek of "Run, Fat Boy, Run." Plus talk about the new Be Your Own Pet album "Get Awkward" along with the new Nine Inch Nails instrumental experiment "Ghosts I-IV." So listen to this podcast and prepare next week for all that!

0:00-1:23 Intro
1:23-17:00 Movie Review of the Week: "Jumper"
17:00-28:50 A Hypothetical Discussion of the film "Charlie Bartlett"
28:50-34:25 Talk of Radiohead's North American Tour Dates
34:25-42:07 Kevin's Horror (Film) Corner: "Basket Case"
42:07-52:45 Album of the Week: Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks- "Real Emotional Trash" (feat track "Baltimore")
52:45-55:08 Preview of next week/Closing

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