April 21, 2008

Episode Six

Another couple weeks, another show. Not that we're trying to churn these things out over longer periods of time, but both Kevin and I happen to have been extremely busy these past few weeks. That pattern still continues, actually. But we have more episodes in the can that are just awaiting the magical touch of editing, so we'll post them as soon as we're able.

This week's show is a Neil Marshall double feature on the movie side, and a couple of interesting and fun music choices.

For those unfamiliar, Neil Marshall is a film director. You may not have seen any of his films. His feature film debut was a movie called "Dog Soldiers," which came out a few years back, and Kevin starts things off by giving his analysis of the werewolf tale. Later on in the show, we both tackle the most recent Neil Marshall film, "Doomsday," which seemed to be in-and-out of movie theatres after about a week. Still, give a quick listen to our analysis of this killer virus action flick and make your own choice about either trying to seek it out in second-run theatres or possibly renting it on DVD when that happens.

And for the record, perhaps the best-reviewed and most seen Neil Marshall film in recent memory is "The Descent," which is a horror film about a group of women exploring a cave. We briefly discuss it during the Neil Marshall double dip, but I thought it'd be worth mentioning in this summary in case you were still wondering who Neil Marshall was and by chance had seen "The Descent."

On the music side of things, we talk about the new R.E.M. record, "Accelerate," and one of us reveals a secret prejudice against the band. Who do you think it will be? Why does this person hold a grudge? Find out those answers, as well as hear the track "Supernatural Superserious," as part of this episode.

We also introduce a new feature, simply titled "Song of the Week." The premise is to pick a song from an album that has not yet been released. As a matter of fact we're just in time with the song "Ladies of the World" by the band Flight of the Conchords. Their self-titled album is in stores on Tuesday. Also, keep an eye out in a coming episode for our full review of that album.

That about covers it for this week! Here's the show rundown if you like to skip around:

:00-0:55 Intro
0:55-15:38 Classic Neil Marshall Movie Review: Dog Soldiers
15:38-29:40 Album of the Week: R.E.M. - Accelerate (feat. song "Supernatural Superserious")
29:40-50:02 Current Neil Marshall Movie Review: Doomsday
50:02-56:27 Song of the Week: Flight of the Conchords - "Ladies of the World"
56:27-57:11 Preview of next week/Closing

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