July 06, 2008

#10: Iron Man, Local H, and Roots and Influences

After a small delay involving missing audio files, Rock and Reel is back for a grand episode number 10. With double-digits comes a show that's as packed as ever with goodness.

This episode, Kevin and I talk all about the first big summer blockbuster, "Iron Man". With Kevin being a huge comic book geek and my own hands almost never having touched a comic book before, we technically have the bases covered for those familiar with the back story to those who just went simply because it looked cool and Robert Downey Jr. is awesome in general. But despite these good signs for the film, did it pass our litmus test for a superhero film? Listen and find out.

Following that, we give our Album of the Week a Chicago-centric touch by reviewing the new record by Local H, titled "12 Angry Months". It's a concept album about the ups and downs (mostly downs) of ending a relationship. Singer Scott Lucas reportedly wrote it after a year of struggling when his girlfriend broke up with him. The idea is nothing new, however does it sound fresh? And where does it stand in terms of the Local H catalogue? We've got the scoop for you.

To help wrap things up, we're introducing a new segment that's music-focused, aptly titled Roots and Influences. The concept is easy in that we talk about the various bands and artists that have played a major role in the development of sound for another particular band or artist. For our first Roots and Influences we keep with the Local H theme and discuss how their sound has evolved. You'll also be able to hear a couple songs by some of the bands we mention, so if you're a fan of grunge and punk this is not to be missed.

Next episode we'll be reviewing the movie "Redbelt" starring Chiwetel Ejiofor and Tim Allen, and we'll also give our opinions on the new Death Cab for Cutie album "Narrow Stairs." Check back for that soon!

0:00-0:51 Intro
0:51-21:05 Movie Review: Iron Man
21:05-38:41 Album of the Week: Local H - 12 Angry Months (feat. song "Jesus Christ, Did You See The Size Of That Sperm Whale?")
38:41-1:00:50 Roots and Influences (new segment!): Local H (feat. songs by Nirvana and Cheap Trick)
1:00:50-1:02:47 Closing/Preview of Next Week

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Kevin said...

Testing this out-- we're coming back!